Bulgarians consider high prices as more dangerous than the Ukraine war – EURACTIV.com

Bulgarians believe the excessive increase in prices is a more tangible danger than the escalation of the war in Ukraine, according to a Gallup International Poll released on Tuesday.

Some 87.9% of respondents answered there is a real danger of excessive price increases in Bulgaria. The second fear (78.3%) is that there is not enough gas, while 77.9% believe there is a real danger the country will fall into permanent political instability. Then follows the answers “there will be a new wave of migrants” with 72.3%, and “there will be a shortage of electricity” with 69.4%.

A total of 56.3% believe there is a danger that the war in Ukraine will deepen. The question was asked before the latest intensification of the conflict.

The number of people who consider the danger of Bulgaria revising its position towards the EU and NATO to be real is almost equal to those for whom there is a danger of a new big wave of COVID-19 – 35% to 38%.

The analysis states that while the dangers of war are acknowledged, they do not stand out when compared to people’s fears over the cost of living and energy prices.

(Krassen Nikolov | EURACTIV.bg)

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