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Allegedly Killed by Ex-Boyfriend, Pregnant Mom Was Stabbed to Death in Their Shared Apartment in Arlington

A pregnant woman in Arlington, Virginia was allegedly killed by ex-boyfriend in their shared apartment on Monday. The woman was a few weeks pregnant with her second child at the time of the crime.


Pregnant mom killed by ex-boyfriend

Shontae Crawford, 37 and recently found out that she’s a few weeks pregnant with her second child, was allegedly killed by ex-boyfriend. According to People, Alimamy Fornah, 35, was still sharing the apartment with Crawford even after their recent break up.

WUSA9 reported that Michael Webb, Crawford’s partner for three months at that time, was the only witness of the incident. According to Webb, he heard the two arguing when he came to visit Crawford. When he heard that the argument is heating up, he tried to intervene by bursting through the door to the room. There he find Fornah pinning Crawford on the floor between the bed and the wall that is covered with blood. He found Crawford’s neck severely damaged and that is when he hit Fornah and helped Crawford up. On their attempt to escape, Fornah confronted them again in the hallway where he and Fornah got into a physical fight.

The police arrived and took Fornah to hospital for minor injuries and to their custody after where he was charged for murder.


Killed by ex-boyfriend cases

Crawford and Fornah was said to be dating for 12 years and during those 12 years, Crawford suffered with mental and physical abuse from Fornah according to her family. Crawford’s family knows that the break up will eventually happen because of the severity of the abuse. What they did not expect is that it will also lead for her to be killed by her ex-boyfriend.

Cases like this where women are killed by ex-boyfriend were nothing new. Just last June, according to Click2Houston, a 19-year-old woman was shot and killed by ex-boyfriend in her apartment in Pasadena. Recently, a 15-year-old teenager was killed by ex-boyfriend days before she turned 16 according to Law and Crime. The “killed by ex-boyfriend” cases of abuse are increasing. In 2021, out of 4,970 female victims, 34% were killed by ex-boyfriend or their intimate partners according to Bureau of Justice Statistics.

With this recent incident, Crawford left a 15-year-old son who is diagnosed with autism.


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