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Polish Mother and Son Dies in Ferry Incident After Falling Into Baltic Sea; Sweden Authorities Open Murder Probe

A 7-year-old boy died in a ferry incident where he fell 65 feet into the water of Baltic Sea. His mother jumped and attempted to save him but died in the process. On Friday, Sweden authorities started to look at the ferry incident as possible murder.

Ferry incident at Baltic Sea

The Polish mother and child who died in the ferry incident has only been identified through their first names, Paulina and Lech who are from GrudzińÖdzt in Poland said Mirror. According to People, Swedish Maritime Administration spokesperson Jonas Franzen has confirmed that the Lech fell about 65 feet into the Baltic Sea on Thursday. Paulina then jumped into the water in an attempt to save her son where she died in the process as well.

Meanwhile, a different version of events has been spreading from a couple of witnesses in the ferry incident. Mirror said that witnesses have mentioned that the boy may have been disabled in some way. The witnesses said that Lech uses a buggy or wheelchair of some sort and find it strange and unusual for a big baby to be in a stroller.

Murder probe opened for the ferry incident

According to Reuters, Swedish prosecutors said on Friday that the ferry incident will be added and investigated for possible murder case. Despite initiating the preliminary investigation as a murder case, the authorities confirmed that there is no suspect that had been identified yet.

According to Mirror, Thomas Johansson from the Swedish police said that details of events from the CCTV footage and eye witnesses made them considered the ferry incident a murder case but they have emphasized that they do not intend to charge anyone. When questioned for the lack of possible suspect, Johansson cut it short by saying that he could not answer.

Stena Spirit was in Baltic Sea, midway its journey to Gdynia in Poland from Karlskrona in Sweden when the ferry incident happened. An hour after the ferry incident happened, Paulina and Lech’s bodies were found and winched to a helicopter where they were brought to hospitals but later on pronounced dead. It is still unclear what happened but the authorities aim to know what exactly happened that lead to the ferry incident.


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