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Severed Human Leg Discovered Hanging From Bridge, Along With Additional Body Parts And Notes Written By Cartels, Were Unearthed In Mexico City

A severed human limb that was discovered dangling from a pedestrian bridge on Wednesday in Toluca, a city west of Mexico City, is thought to have been left behind by a deadly drug gang. By the end of the day, at least two body pieces had surfaced throughout the city.

What Happened?

Near the city’s centre, the trunk of the body was placed at the bridge along with handwritten notes bearing the Familia Michoacana cartel’s signature.

Later, further body parts were discovered in a different neighbourhood, where there were also scribbled signs for drug cartels. It appears that the victim was a male between the ages of 35 and 40.

Then, in other sections of the city, pieces of at least one other person were discovered.

A body that had been dismembered and a sign that resembled the ones in the first case were found by police in a neighbourhood on the east side of the city.

Later, pieces of a body were discovered in a burning automobile in an industrial neighbourhood on the north side. Authorities were looking into the possibility that they belonged to the second dismembered body.

The grisly find was made just one day after the bodies of four men and two women were discovered on the side of a road close to the city of Monterrey in northern Mexico.

Who Is The Culprit?

Calm was requested, the mayor of Toluca, the state of Mexico’s capital, said. The Familia Michoacana has long ruled the state’s rural parts, but may now be attempting to seize control of the state capital.


Source: ABC news

Mayor Raymundo Martnez Carbajal stated, “The issue of crime brings us all together, and we all have to fight it.” Last week, ominous posters with the Familia Michoacana’s signature were left in a different Toluca suburb.

The gang was founded in the early 2000s in the neighbouring state of Michoacan, and although it has been largely driven out of that state, it has found fresh life in the State of Mexico and the nearby state of Guerrero.

The Familia Michoacana is well-known for their merciless, brutal ambushes of Mexican State police and local populations in Guerrero. The United States Justice Department claims that the cartel “has specialised in methamphetamine production and smuggling, along with other synthetic drugs.”

The Familia Michoacana cartel was subject to sanctions last year after the U.S. Treasury Department accused it of producing “rainbow” fentanyl pills that were allegedly targeted at kids.

As criminal groups try to frighten their competitors, more mutilated remains have been found dumped in public places or hanging from bridges in Mexico recently.

Six severed men’s skulls were reportedly found on top of a Volkswagen in southern Mexico last year, along with a warning sign hung from two nearby trees.

On election day in the border city of Tijuana in June 2021, two heads and other human remains were dumped near the voting locations.


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