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Father Smashes Car Window To Save His Baby

A video circulating on social media shows a father in Harlingen, Texas, smashing the windscreen of his car to rescue his baby who was locked inside.
A heart-stopping video has been making the rounds on social media for the past week. It shows a man rescuing his baby who had accidentally been locked inside a car. According to a report by New York Post, the incident happened in the parking lot of a gas station in Harlingen, Texas, when a father accidentally locked his keys inside the vehicle with his child.

The incident happened in the parking lot of a gas station in Harlingen, Texas. (Instagram/@foosgonewild)
The video was shared on the Instagram page Foos Gone Wild and is credited to the TikTok handle @lindahdz91. The caption accompanying the video reads, “Father saves baby from a locked car in Harlingen, Texas.” The video, captured by a bystander, begins with a group of onlookers gathered around the car. As the video progresses, a man can be seen frantically smashing the windscreen. After it was successfully shattered, the father was able to gain access to the vehicle. A woman can then be seen carefully lifting the child to safety outside the vehicle.

The video was shared six days ago on Instagram. It has since accumulated scores of comments from people.

Check out a few reactions to this rescue video right here:
“One time My Key FOB/Remote did not work as the battery inside the remote died. My car doors automatically locked just after parking my car. Fortunately, there was no child/children or dog/cat inside my car during a hot summer day,” expressed an individual. Another added, “This was dumb. If your kid ever gets locked in a car you call the fire department and they get in your car. No need to break glass.”

“I’m confused. Why not go through a door window and just open it right after?” posted a third. A fourth commented, “Break the side window. It actually shatters. Front window has a film that prevents shattering.” “It don’t matter how they got the baby out. What matters is they did,” added a fifth.


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