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Tesla Cybertrucks Are Now Coming Out Of Giga Texas In Numbers

A new drone flyover of Gigafactory Texas shows that Tesla Cybertrucks are now coming out of the factory in numbers.

If Tesla sticks to its latest production timeline for the Cybertruck, we are just weeks away from the start of production and the first deliveries to employees.

We have been following closely to determine if that’s possible, and now we get one of the best indications to date.

Joe Tegtmeyer flies drones over Gigafactory Texas; in his latest drone flyover this morning, he spotted what looks like nine Cybertrucks that came out of the factory:

While we can’t confirm it, it looks like Tesla might have done a production batch test run. Those Cybertrucks Tegtmeyer’s drone flew over also revealed more Cybertrucks inside the factory:

With those vehicles, the at least five Cybertrucks in New Zealand and the ones on the roads testing in California, Tesla seems to have produced a decent number of Cybertrucks. It’s a good sign that Tesla is progressing toward an official start of production.

Based on previous vehicle launches, Tesla is expected to deliver only a small number of Cybertrucks at a delivery event that will likely happen at the end of September.

Considering Tesla has yet to announce final pricing and specs for the electric pickup truck, those deliveries are expected to be to a handful of employees and company insiders, like board members.

Tesla should announce those final pricing and specs details at the event.


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