Arkansas Appoints Larry Walther as State Treasurer Following Mark Lowery's Passing
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Arkansas Appoints Larry Walther as State Treasurer Following Mark Lowery’s Passing

In the wake of Treasurer Mark Lowery’s unfortunate passing last week, Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders has announced the appointment of Larry Walther, the top finance official in Arkansas, to fill the vacancy. Larry Walther, who currently serves as the secretary of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, will assume the role of state treasurer until 2025 when a newly elected treasurer will take office.

Arkansas Appoints Larry Walther as State Treasurer Following Mark Lowery's Passing

Who is Larry Walther, the New State Treasurer?

As state treasurer, Walther will be responsible for managing the state’s investments and will hold key positions on several state panels, including the boards of trustees for the Arkansas public employees and teachers’ retirement systems. His extensive experience and expertise in finance make him well-suited for this crucial role. Governor Sanders expressed her confidence in Walther’s abilities, stating that the state requires a steady hand and keen business acumen to oversee its investments, qualities that Walther possesses in abundance.

A Distinguished Career in Public Service

Larry Walther has a distinguished career in public service, having served as the head of the Department of Finance and Administration since 2015, a position he was appointed to by former Governor Asa Hutchinson. Prior to that, he held the role of director of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission during the tenure of Governor Mike Huckabee, who happens to be Governor Sanders’ father. Walther’s extensive experience also includes serving as the director of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency and as a member of the Export-Import Bank’s board of directors.

A Prudent Move

The appointment of Larry Walther as state treasurer is seen as a prudent move, ensuring continuity and stability in the financial management of Arkansas. Walther’s proven track record and commitment to public service make him a highly suitable candidate for the position. With Walther moving into the role of state treasurer, Governor Sanders will announce his replacement as the head of finance and administration in the coming week, ensuring a smooth transition of duties within the administration. In response to his appointment, Larry Walther affirmed his commitment to Governor Sanders and the people of Arkansas, promising to carry out his duties with integrity and to coordinate a seamless transition. His dedication to public service and his wealth of experience will undoubtedly contribute to the continued growth and prosperity of the state.

Rest in Peace, Mark Lowery

The passing of Treasurer Mark Lowery has left a void in Arkansas’ financial leadership, but with the appointment of Larry Walther, the state can look forward to steady and capable management of its investments and financial matters. The role of state treasurer is critical in ensuring the prudent use of public funds, and Larry Walther’s appointment reflects the government’s commitment to maintaining financial stability and responsible governance.

Arkansas Appoints Larry Walther as State Treasurer Following Mark Lowery's Passing
Source: Fox 16

As Larry Walther takes on this new responsibility, he does so with the knowledge that he has the support of the governor and the people of Arkansas. With his expertise and dedication, Walther is poised to make a positive impact on the state’s financial future and uphold the principles of transparency, efficiency, and accountability in the management of public funds.


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