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Heat Warning All Around Texas

NORTH TEXAS– Get ready for more dangerous heat and near-record high temperatures in North Texas through your weekend.

Weather Alerts are posted through Monday due to the extreme heat.

An Excessive Heat Warning remains in effect for North Texas until 9 p.m. Sunday. High temperatures will be between 105 and 113 degrees.

Protect yourself from the heat! Drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks while outdoors. Find shade to cool down, and check on your pets and elderly neighbors.

Talking about the dangerous heat, we’ll see near record high temperatures over the next several days.

Yesterday, we shattered our record high of 107 degrees set back in 1951. In fact, we reached 109 degrees at DFW Airport. But let’s prepare for even more near-record highs, even for your weekend.

Today’s forecast high is 110 degrees. Our current record high is 112 degrees, set back in 1909.

Saturday’s forecast high is 108 degrees. Our record high temperature is 107 degrees set back in 2011.

On Sunday, our forecast high is 109 degrees. The record high is 107 degrees set back in 2011.

And on Monday, our forecast high temp is 106 degrees. The record high is 105 degrees set back in 1948.

Today is an Ozone Action Day, which means our atmosphere is unhealthy for sensitive groups.

Our Elevated Fire Threat will also continue for the next few days due to the lack of rain in North Texas.

In fact, we’ve had to lower our rain chances for next week. The tropical wave that is likely to develop in the Gulf of Mexico is forecast to track just south of North Texas, keeping our forecast dry and hot.


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