Leaked Emails Suggest Texas Patrol Agents Were Ordered To Push Immigrants Back

Texas border control policies are being heavily criticized after a state trooper said employees were told to push migrants “back into the water” of the Rio Grande when they reach the American side of the river as part of Gov….

Authorities Speculates Allegations Of Inhumane Treatment Of Migrants

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star has come under renewed scrutiny this week following a Houston Chronicle report about migrants, including children, being trapped in razor wire and denied water despite the brutal heat wave engulfing the area. Democrats…

Police Arrests 85 Year Old Suspect In 1986 Murder

Police in Dallas, Texas, arrested a 25-year-old man Wednesday in connection to the deaths of three women who are believed to be sex workers, the latest suspect to be charged in a string of sex worker slayings in recent months….

Border Security Or Plain Sadism?

On Monday evening and throughout Tuesday, critics, immigration groups and political leaders responded to the report. Domingo Garcia, the national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), said in a statement that the group “condemns the inhumane…

Texan Woman & The Subsequent Ban On Abortion

AUSTIN, Texas – Samantha Casiano, who gave birth to a baby who lived just four hours, broke down and became physically ill on the witness stand as she told the story of her doomed pregnancy in an Austin, Texas, courtroom…