Places Where Daily Heatwave Records Have Fallen

An unrelenting series of summer heat waves has wreaked havoc on the South and Southwest this summer, breaking daily temperature records throughout the South, including seven in a row in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as “dangerously” hot conditions threatening to topple…

Construction Workers Lose Rights To Rest Breaks, Grinding Amidst Heatwave

Amidst a record-breaking heatwave in Texas, construction workers face an alarming setback, losing their right to essential rest breaks. This distressing development has sparked concerns over worker safety and well-being in extreme weather conditions. As the sweltering heat continues to…

Amid Lethal Heatwave, Texas Workers Lose Their Right To Rest

The Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Service has responded to 410 heat-relatEd incidents just since June 1, according to a spokesperson, Capt. Christa Stedman. Among them: A middle-aged man, working outdoors, who called for help after experiencing signs of heat exhaustion….