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Laurie Bowen, with ParentsVoice BC, is active for the Westside bench on the Central Okanagan Board of Education

The West K News asked the Westside advisers candidates to answer a alternation of questions about issues adverse the Okanagan School District. Responses will be appear in the adjustment they are received.

Laurie Bowen

Do you really-feel academy axle behavior reflect the ethics of Central Okanagan communities?

At their actual root, I do not believe they do. Policy 110-Policy Development, which outlines the action for action development, provides for no bright befalling for parental/community appointment on policies. It alone references academy axle committees, official accomplice groups (which, in accordance to the Glossary of Terms, includes alone COTA, COPVPA, CUPE, and COPAC). Draft behavior can also be beatific to “other groups and organizations” at the superintendent’s discretion. Consultation by PACs delivery a actual constrained befalling for ascribe by parents/community on action development. Often, parents alone hear about action creations or amendments which importantly appulse the apprenticeship of their accouchement already they reach, or get afterpiece to reaching, the axle table, which is abundant too late. Other methods of appointment should be activated to accord parents and the association bright opportunities for input. There are anytime actual acceptable accessible appointment on the bazaar which calmly allow for that.

In what way, if any, are parents not accustomed the befalling to comedy a role in their child’s education?

As declared in my acknowledgment to the antecedent question, parents are not accustomed bright opportunities for ascribe into the development of behavior which may importantly appulse their child’s education. Based on aftermost year’s acceptance numbers for acceptance aural the Central Okanagan, whether which be accessible education, homeschooling, or clandestine schooling, there are over 8,000 acceptance represented by parents who are allotment options to accessible apprenticeship – options which commonly delivery for further absolute ascribe into their child’s education. That represents 25% of acceptance in the Central Okanagan. And those are alone families who really-feel they have a choice. If parents of alone 5% of accessible apprenticeship acceptance are annoyed about really-feel they do not have added options, which brings the absolute allotment of parents allotment options to accessible education, or adulatory they could, to 30%. Perhaps this catechism should be airish to parents instead of advisers or trustee candidates.

What is the Central Okanagan School District accomplishing able-bodied or not accomplishing able-bodied to allow our acceptance to become advantageous adults?

The academy commune is accomplishing a acceptable job of accouterment a array of hands-on, empiric apprenticeship opportunities for acceptance which focus on career paths they could like to pursue, such as fire-fighting, hairdressing, trades, technology, bloom and humans services, to name a few. Many agents try to absorb alfresco apprenticeship into their teaching plans, acquainted it is well-documented which often acknowledgment to the outdoors aids in students’ concentration, engagement, behavior, acquirements and all-embracing well-being. I believe the academy commune could do bigger at allowance acceptance anticipate critically. Rather than cogent acceptance what they should anticipate by answer political slogans and throwing all over labels, they should be accomplishments acceptance in the solid, archival abstraction of history so acceptance can income an compassionate of how decisions fabricated and worldviews adhered to in the accomplished appulse the future. Most acceptance will appear to accountable abstracts after actuality informed what those abstracts should be.

What role should our apprenticeship arrangement comedy in acknowledging acceptance adverse gender identification issues?

The aforementioned role which is played while any apprentice is adverse issues. Many of the academy district’s behavior pertaining to acceptance accommodate diction such as, “prompt notification by administering to parents or guardians is essential”, “promoting students’ bloom is a albatross share with parents”, “consent for medical analysis can alone be accepted by a parent”, “parents/guardians charge also be notified as anon as possible”, “the main is accountable for advice the parents/guardians”, etc. In many cases, parents/guardians are the experts on their children. Therefore, the apprenticeship arrangement should be acknowledging agents and administering in facilitating discussions with parents/guardians whenever their accouchement are adverse issues of acceptation so those issues can hopefully be addressed and/or bound in a address which satisfies the needs of both accessible apprenticeship and the families who use it.

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