When Extraterrestrial Party Crashers Attack

This first look at “Kids Vs. Aliens” doesn’t reveal too much about the story, but does set the stage for some drippy, gory chaos. “What the f*** are we doing for Halloween?” one teenage girl asks before a boy answers that they should throw a party. As a big fan of horror films that are actually set on Halloween, I’m immediately interested. The trailer speeds through the action quickly, splicing together shots of said party with images of people and creatures yelling while covered in nasty goop. “Why won’t these aliens leave us alone?!” one boy yells, before another lights something on fire and declares “F*** space!”

Here’s the film’s official synopsis, via RLJE Films:

All Gary wants is to make awesome home movies with his best buds. All his older sister Samantha wants is to hang with the cool kids. When their parents head out of town one Halloween weekend, an all-time rager of a teen house party turns to terror when aliens attack, forcing the siblings to band together to survive the night.

Meanwhile, Fantastic Fest’s official page for the film calls it “a nostalgic homage to timeless childhood favorites like ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Monster Squad,’ but spices them up with foul-mouthed dialogue and gallons of gore.” It’s this description that piques my interest most: you can see some of the Spielberg and “Stranger Things”-like elements at play in the promo, from boys on bikes to a teen girl worried her parents will kill her for throwing a party. Its a setting that’s been done before, hopefully reinvigorated by Eisener’s splattery sensibilities.

“Kids vs. Aliens” stars Dominic Mariche, Phoebe Rex, and Calem MacDonald. The film is expected to hit theaters and digital in early 2023.

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